Weekend of Water and Updates


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This weekend marked 11 years of wedded bliss with my hubby. We are a pretty low key couple, we spent our anniversary with our kiddo doing our usual Saturday family stuff. We did finally get to hanging this beautiful stained glass piece in our bathroom window. Drew bought it for me last year for our anniversary…

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I love it! It’s so bright and cheerful..

We also worked out in the yard to get our above ground pool cleaned and ready for the summer. The last few months we have been saving up for an inflatable hot tub. After some research we decided on the Coleman lazy spa. The set up was super easy! We are excited to use it after hard days at work…

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Getting the hot tub and pool going made us want to make a nice area to use this summer. We don’t think that the spot will be permanent, so we used some pavers we already had to make a temporary patio space. Since we used stuff we had on hand, it was free! It will be a great space this summer. I may add some potted flowers and plants to add some color too.

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Stay tuned for more blogs on the goings on and peaks into the lives of the Shorts! Thanks for reading my very first blog! I look forward to sharing many more.



  • Hello. Did you get any other. Comments??? Oh—this is your mom!!! Just wanted to let you know that I checked in.

    • Hey, sorry for the lack of response time. I just got my privileges back on my website to approve and leave comments. Thank you

  • Yay! Blog on! It’s a lot of work getting even a small space ready! Looks great! You’ll have to let us know about how the hot tub is! I’ve been wishing for one!

    • Hey Catherine, I apologize for the lack of response time on this. For some reason my privileges for my website in responding to comments was turned off and I just now got them back today. Thank you for showing my wife some love. She had a good time on her first one. We plan on doing another one like a review on that particular hot tub, so keep watching.