Chest Drawers


This was a project that I really wanted to test my skills. I had never made drawers nor dovetails. I actually did research on New Yankee Workshop from some old videos that my dad had taped to learn how to properly build a proper chest of drawers. The customer wanted a six drawer chest b/c all she could ever find is 5. Since they lived in a small space, she needed three kids to share the space. Her oldest boy would have the top two on both and the two girls would have the bottom three for each of them.

So with my NYW research in my back pocket, I went to work. I went and bought poplar and oak plywood. The carcass is made from plywood, except for the dust frames which are poplar. I cut grooves on the back piece of the dust frame and a tongue on the adjacent piece to assemble the dust frame. These frames do not have 1/4” ply like most frames, which catch the dust, but they do make the carcass really ridged. The feet are decoratively cut to have four feet to sit on. There are cleats on the apron/feet to attach it to the carcass.

Now the drawers were something new to me. I had never made them and I really wanted to try dovetailing. I went and purchased an inexpensive jig from Sears and after many many many test cuts I was able to cut them out. They have minor gaps in places but they worked great. I did my best to minimize them but for my first attempt, I was really happy. Once they were all made I labeled them to the corresponding cavity they fit in since they were all custom. The fronts were part of the dovetail assembly b/c they were inset in a rabbeted front so it will have a slight overlay on the front of the case.

I topped it all off with a semi gloss latex enamel in white. The customer was super happy and could not wait to get them in their home.

Thank you for visiting, have a great day, and BOOM!!!