Wine Boxes by Darryl Fullerton


My 1st box I used a piece of cedar I found laying around on the 2nd I used a piece of white pine, I cut my pieces 2 – 16″ and 2 – 5 3/4″.

Taking all pieces I rabbited the bottom enough too add a piece of 1/4″ Birch plywood for the back. While the router table was out I made a 1/4″ rabbit about a 1/4″ from the top for the door too slide in.

Next, I 1/4 rounded a few edges for looks, on the top; bottom of the side pieces I took; made a rabbit for the top; bottom pieces too fit (making sure the door grooves lined up).

After construction was done just sanded and cut plexiglass for the door making sure it fit in the grooves.