Utility Room Cabinetry


Utility rooms and storage, they all need them! In this case, I was contacted by a former coworker to give her more functional storage added to already existing cabinetry dilemma in her drab utility room. I went to take measurements to find that there was tons of potential to maximize storage in this corner. I decided to max this corner out by making a Lazy Susan cabinet attached to a door/drawer cabinet combo. However, this cabinet contains full extension pull out drawers hidden behind a door. This makes the cabinet easier to access items in the drawers rather than bending down to hunt in the cabinet for a deeply lost pot or pan.

The upper and lower cabinets feature raised panel centers along with false end cap cabinet doors that hide all fasteners. They are then capped off with perfectly cut crown molding that extends to both existing and new cabinetry.

The counter top is a simple black painted top that is all edge banded with rounded over oak finished with polyurethane. This cabinet gives unlimited storage to a corner that had none.

My client was very impressed and pleased with the outcome. I would say, mission accomplished. Thank you for looking, please be sure to comment and share.