How to Upgrade Your Assembly Table Drawer

When it comes to organization, I am always thinking of new ways to think outside the box to make my organizational skills unique. When it comes to my assembly table I knew that I wanted to take this outlook to it. Since assembling projects on my table can sometimes get messy, I needed glue paper dispenser but I did not want it to be visible. So I came up with a simple solution to store it in my top drawer. However, I did not want it to be loose, so created a dispenser for it.

I first began by taking an outside to outside measurement from one side of the drawer to the other.


I then chose a piece of PVC pipe that would fit inside the role of craft paper that I picked up at Home Depot. This role measures 36 inches wide so my drawer needed to be at least that wide from inside to inside. My drawer measured 41 inches wide, outside measurement, so I knew I had plenty of room. I cut the PVC pipe to the exact length as the width of my drawer.


I then laid out where the hole locations needed to go on the sides of my drawer. While using a backer and a clamp to prevent tear out, I drilled a hole with a forsner bit the same size as the PVC pipe.


Once the holes were made, I inserted the PVC pipe through the holes making sure that it is flush on either end. Next, drill a hole that passes through the side of the drawer into the PVC pipe. Then run screws in each hole to prevent the pipe from slipping or turning.


Now, unscrew the pipe. Since my drawer is wider than the paper roll, I needed to fashion up some spacers that would center the roll and keep it shifting left to right. Then fasten it down


Now having this in your drawer gives it easy access for all of your project glue ups, paint or spray. Thank you for checking out my blog/video and I hope that I gave you some inspiration for you to make upgrades in your shop or craft room.


As usual, I wanted to wish you all well and please be safe in your shop and I will see next time! BOOM!!!

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  • Loved the Mr Mellow voice over. I was waiting for you to break into why the lead character in the book you were reading was hugely misunderstood. Thanks for the tip, looking to try that out. I think I’ll place a thin runner just in front of the roll to keep things from sliding under the roll.