Updates in the Shop for the Month of June


Well, things have been slow in the shop this month. Mainly because I am taking just a little vacation breather to recharge for the second half of the season. Lots of effort go into making these videos each week (or every other week), so a little time off is almost a necessity.

I am also trying to incorporate some different methods through my website which will expand my content capabilities to written form as well as video form. This will allow me to do product review / comparisons on some of the tools that I have in my shop. I have been asked if I can do a product review but for the most part, it is not really what my video YouTube audience prefers to see. So I decided to do them in written form to help with the website traffic and still give you what you want while at the same time keeping my audience on YouTube watching what they come to expect from my channel. So I do feel that it is a win win.

However, there are some minor drawbacks to this, I may not have as much time to do weekly videos right off hand until I get a better grasp on how I want to tackle this. Right now, they are spur of the moment things that I am just fumbling through in the hopes that they will have a good reception. If you noticed too, my wife also started contributing to the blog on things that most DIY’ers can find useful in their homes and or shops.

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Just recently I did a project that was relatively easy but limited on time. Well I say limited, it actually was procrastinated a bit which caused the time to be really constrained to be able to force a video build of the process, so I decided to do a blog instructional version which still allowed my audience to see a project and also purchase plans if they wanted. Since I did it this way, it allowed me to focus on what I was doing and I didn’t have to worry about speaking to a camera.

However, I did have to remember to take pics, and take them in such a way that still told the story. I still have some things to learn here, but I was able to finish the whole thing in 13 hours. Great learning experience to carry forward down this avenue.

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Woodshop 101 recently had a podcast that announced a brand new name to show as a permanent guest host. That name is Sam Ryan Designs (Sam Woodell). She and her grandfather have been a dynamic team when it comes to woodworking. With her sparkling personality and good looks to offset Jeremy and myself, we felt it was only right to offer her the spot after performance on the show several weeks back.

If you want to listen to more, just click on the logo above for Woodshop 101 and it will take you straight to the episodes. Be careful you might find yourself binge listening.

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On a personal note: Hannah must have her tonsils and adenoids out thanks to her 5 round of strep since January. So in mid July, Hannah must undergo her very first surgery and to top it off, I cannot even go. Work has kept me away from this too. She is the reason why I am working as hard as I am to make this business even bigger than what it is now. What is your why???

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Well I hope to see you all on my next update blog and if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them. You all are wonderful and without you all I would not be where I am right now. I am forever grateful to you all!

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