Shelix Cutterhead Review – One Year Later

My Shelix Cutterhead Review after one year of use!  

Many people have asked what I thought about it and here are my thoughts on it.  This may be eye-opening for some of you and I hope that I can shed light on your questions.  The reason I did this review is that I had an issue with a gear on my cutterhead causing me to remove the head from the planer.  Many thanks to Chad @ Byrd Tool for the awesome customer service and advice throughout the process.  Now I did do a complete and in-depth installation video on this and you can find it here on my website or on my youtube channel here:

First off let me just say that you’ll find yourself initially spending a little bit more on the Shelix cutterhead versus a normal cutterhead that comes equipped with your planer. However, the money you spend on replacing your knives will add up faster than you will find on this Shelix head.  In the video you will see the cost comparisons that I take you through with my own experiences.  The difference is astounding!  Also the cut quality and versatility you will gain with this new head will also keep your shop running at peak performance for a lot longer periods of time not to mention you do not have to wait on the sharpener to fix your nicked blades. Watch the full video for not only my opinion but its results after being installed.  Don’t forget to check out my installation video and be sure to subscribe to my channel.  Follow me on Instagram for more great tips and content!

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