How To: Pallet Wood Easter Egg

As the new season approaches, the time comes for the wife to make the husbands climb up in the attic or storage shed and retrieve all the outdoor yard decor to do the one word that all men fear……………”decorate”!

However, to make it fun for the men, why not make your own yard decor? Why not bring your child in the shop to help you? Well, Hannah and I show you that it is super easy to make your own decorations for the great outdoors and prep for Easter as well. Let us begin by making a super simple Pallet Wood Easter Egg!

Pallet Easter Egg Featured Image

You first need to begin by making a free hand pattern for your egg. This pattern shown here measures approximately 10″ x 16” and was just cut out with scissors.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-1

We then traced the perimeter of the pattern to a 1/2” sheet of plywood

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-2
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-3

To make it easy to cut out, we cut each pattern (if you make more than one) out on the table saw.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-4

Next, we take some pallet wood which can vary in width but need to be cut to 10” long or the max width of your egg pattern. Keep the scraps b/c they can be used for the narrow parts of the egg.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-5
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-6

Now, place each piece over the outline to make sure that they fit.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-7
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-8

Flip the plywood over with the drawing face down and reset the pieces on the backside with glue and nails/staples. Fasteners are optional if your choose to use clamps and let the glue cure for 4 hours or so. Keep in mind that you will need very good glue coverage.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-9
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-10
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-11
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-12

With the pieces now secured, take a jig saw and cut out the line on what is now the backside of the plywood, leaving the pallet egg when completed.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-13

Now we need a wooden stake to hold it in the flower bed or yard. Cut a 2” wide piece to your desired length using the miter saw and cut an aggressive tip on one end.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-14

Using glue and nails, you can secure it to the plywood back with the pointed end facing away from the egg.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-15
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-16
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-17

To make it smooth, just run 120 grit sandpaper over the surface with the help of a random orbit sander.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-18

We added a few colors to the boards to make it look more like an easter egg but this is completely optional.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-19
Pallet Easter Egg Pic-20

We then gave another light sanding to remove some of the paint after it dried. This gives a more weathered appearance.

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-21

This met Hannah’s approval with her signature……….PERFECT!

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-22

Now relish your accomplishment by placing it in the garden or yard and enjoy! Don’t forget to celebrate!

Pallet Easter Egg Pic-24

Hannah and I would like to thank you for dropping by to read up on how to make your own Pallet Wood Easter Egg yard decor and we hope you can make one or more for your family. Oh and hey, don’t forget to bring the family out in the shop and have a blast building memories with them. They will thank you for it later. Take care and please be safe in your shop. As always… BOOM!!!