No Mess Mixing for HVLP // How-to

#hvlp #rhwoodshop #fujispray Huge thank you to! I get a lot of questions on how to mix paint for HVLP sprayers. In this video, I show you 5+ tips on how to do it with NO MESS! By purchasing some must-have items to make this process so much easier, you will make your finishing experience so much more enjoyable. My amazon store will have most of the necessary items for you to purchase and use, however, you might have to purchase the canister caps from Fuji Spray directly. To find products on my Amazon Store such as: Mixer Mates Fuji Spray System and Accessories Measuring Cups Drills Paint Cans etc…. use this link: Fuji Spray (you may need this for the orange caps): Another Huge Thank You to my patron this month! Trev Haydon (2 more patrons to be added in February……..again…..Thank You!!!)

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