Miter Jig Attachment for UCCS

Now if you remember correctly, I made a crosscut sled with dust collection about three weeks ago that I knew that I wanted to add attachments for it. This is one of those attachments. I made a miter sled a couple years ago that right now is a little superfluous. I want to simplify its size and use but also add versatility at the same time. All you’ll need is a little scrap wood from plywood cut off’s, T track, rapid fuse superglue and about 2 1/2 hours out of your weekend.  Plans for this can be found here:!/Miter-Jig-Attachement-for-Crosscut-Sled-with-DC/p/83614243/category=23790301

Miter Jig Attachment for UCCS

Let’s get started by making the base. Just cut this in a perfect square. You can find plans on my website that will give exact measurements if you want to make it just like mine. Otherwise, make it to your liking.

Miter Jig Image - 1

Since you know your crosscut sled is exactly 90° to the blade you know that the angle made by the two cuts to make the square base will also be exactly 90°. Mark this angle so you do not cut it away later.

Miter Jig Image - 2

Next cut all of your pieces according to the plan as specified. Cut them to length and width.

Miter Jig Image -3
Miter Jig Image - 4

The next cut will be for the base to create its triangular shape. Using the sled and the zero clearance kerf, line up the left and right corners of the base making sure that your referenced 90° angle is pointed away from the kerf. Then using some hold downs in the T track equipped in the sled, make your cut.

Miter Jig Image - 5
Miter Jig Image - 6

Now with your referenced 90° angle, put the triangular base in the kerf of the sled fence. Using a speed square and the 45° angle edge you can then align your reference marks where the T track equipped in the sled will lie. Coincidentally, this is how you align your jig when it is completed.

Miter Jig Image - 7
Miter Jig Image - 8

Again, using your friendly speed square, extend those lines through the bottom of the base. You will need to make your inside and outside borders of the T track locations. Then marquis centerline where your bolt will need to be. Going up to an a half inches from the backside of the base, make a crossline. This is where you will need to drill your 5/16” hole using your drill press.

Miter Jig Image - 9
Miter Jig Image - 10
Miter Jig Image - 11

Now just raise your blade up into the base to make your zero clearance kerf.

Miter Jig Image - 12

Now using the base of the jig you can make the opposing wings on both miters. Simply hold the piece in position, and raise the blade into the stock. Glue the miters and wings together to create your fence.

Miter Jig Image - 13
Miter Jig Image - 14
Miter Jig Image - 15
Miter Jig Image - 16

The blade guard can be made with two pieces of 3/4” plywood glued together with a miter on each piece at one end. This will reinforce the fence you just created while burying the blade below the jig surface.

Miter Jig Image - 17
Miter Jig Image - 18
Miter Jig Image - 19
Miter Jig Image - 20

Lastly you will need a support backer so the jig can act as a pass through on the sled. Just cut two opposing miters on each end. You will need to sneak up on this and you can use a miter jig for this.

Miter Jig Image - 21
Miter Jig Image - 22

To add versatility, T Track can be installed on both fence wings leaving room for the blade to pass by just in case. These can be cut on the table saw with a high tooth count blade and superglued/screwed down.

Miter Jig Image - 23
Miter Jig Image - 24
Miter Jig Image - 25

Now just make your final cut to finish the jig.

Miter Jig Image - 26

You have just made yourself a perfect miter jig attachment for your ultimate crosscut sled with dust collection. The closer you have the cut to the sled fence the more dust will be collected be the table saw and sled DC. The T Track will make repeat-ability of the cut over and over again. I am very happy that you took the time to stop by and watch my latest attachment to the Ultimate Crosscut Sled series. Keep watching for more.

Miter Jig Image - 27
Miter Jig Image - 28
Miter Jig Image - 29

Thank you! BOOM!!!