Metal / Wood Desk: An In-depth Look & How-To

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Today’s Boomer: Kevin Miller – Cincinnati, OH

Come back with me to the Rock-n H Woodshop and the Leader Creek Custom Shop to get a more in-depth look into the design, prep and execution of the desk build. BOOM!!!

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  • I enjoyed the episode of the desk your building. The” Wrangler Riggs ” work /active wear clothing is very durable as well as functional. As you mentioned about wearing out your pockets with your tape measure clip the leather reinforcement will really add life to the pockets.
    I’m looking forward to seeing this project along with future projects come together in the
    “Rock-n H Woodshop” BOOM. Thanks sincerely, Ron Mack

  • Nice job on the project, I’ve picked up some ideas already. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this project. #WranglerRIGGS

  • I really like how you put part 1 and part 2 together for this series. Getting the overview without all the detail in part 1 let me see a lot of build process without getting bogged down with the details. Then in part 2 come back with the important features in detail is a great idea. Looking forward to the next part of the build. As for “Wrangler” outer wear have always been a top choice, and the “Riggs” line looks like a real winner for us DYI’ers. Keep up the great project videos. BOOM.

  • #WranglerRIGGS Although I don’t know how to weld, your instructions in this video seem very precise and informative for diyers. Your expertise in this video far surpasses my own but seems spot on and I could not find any fault in your video. Although I have never tried Wrangler RIGGS clothing wear, this new DIYer could use some of those. Thank you for the video.