How To Make a Glass Flower

With Christmas, and for that matter any special occasion, just around the corner, they have a very special knack of sneaking up on you. I myself like to procrastinate as long as possible but my wife keeps me in line with that. She decided to get a small jump on it now and leave room for more upcoming projects that I know she will want to do for Christmas too. Here we show you how to make a beautiful glass flower for your flower garden. This is so simple to do, that it would make a great family project if you wanted to make several. Now grab some epoxy, plates, spoons and a little electrical conduit and lets get busy!


First you will want to acquire a set of plates, 3 is usually the best, that are roughly 10”, 6” and 4” in diameter. These will give you the most pleasing appearance of the flower. You can also choose to use a small bowl as your 4” to add more dimension.


Get yourself some electrical conduit and 5 minute epoxy. We used JB Weld Epoxy Clear.


Start by mixing up the epoxy as directed and mix very thoroughly to promote a good chemical reaction to bond.


Then apply the mixture to the first and second plate where the bond will occur. Remember that if your plate is textured like ours then you will need more epoxy to fill in the gaps. Then place them carefully together, making sure to keep the epoxy from smearing everywhere.


Find something with a little mass for added weight to help keep everything nice and snug with each other. This will help with the bonding.


Now the spoon is what you use to hang the flower to the pipe. Start by flattening out the head of the spoon so you can give yourself plenty of surface area. I used my big vise to aid in this. My spoon was stainless, but you can choose a softer material and it won’t be as stubborn as mine was.


Now using my hammer, I bent the tail of the over backwards just above the head of the spoon just shy of 180°.


Now using more epoxy, just adhere the head of the spoon to the back of the plate assembly. The tail should be off the plates at a slight angle to the plane of the plates.


While that is drying, I use my saws-all to cut through the conduit pipe. Since the conduit was long enough to make two stakes, I cut right in the middle at a 45° angle so the pipe can be hammered in much easier into the ground.


Hammer in the conduit pipe in an area of your choosing, making sure it is as straight and plum as you can make it. If it leans to one side, then the flower will want to turn that direction due to gravity.


Now sit back and enjoy! I hope you liked this video / blog of how to make your own glass flower. As you can see, it is not that hard to make something this beautiful and you can tell them that you made it. Hey you might be asked to make more and you could make some money from it.


Good luck on your Glass Flower and as always, be safe in your shop! BOOM!!!