How to Make a Dog Bed | Little Boomer Episode 2

On this Little Boomer episode/blog, Hannah shows you how to make a very easy yet functional 4 post dog bed. Materials are very limited and so are the tools needed to complete it. With very limited experience and just a couple of tools you and your kids can get out in the shop to make this custom 30×40 dog bed (or whatever size you like). Remember, the material you choose to make your bed from will differ in cost. Ours was out of cedar which is a bit pricier, but it does make it lighter weight to be able to move it around if needed. My plans for this project can be found here: DIY Dog Bed Plans

Materials: All found at Home Depot

  • 2 Planks of 3/4”x 12”x 8’ Cedar (or material of your choosing)
  • 1 4×4 8’ post of cedar
  • 1 48”x 48” sheet of 1/4” plywood
  • 24 pocket screws
  • Glue

Tools you will need:

  • Table saw or circular saw
  • 10” Miter saw (8” will have issues cutting through the 4×4 post
  • Router or you can use a sander
  • Drill and if your have it, an impact driver
  • Kreg pocket screw system
  • 28 pocket screws
  • Brad nailer with nails or finish nails and a hammer

First begin by ripping the material to width on the table saw or circular saw.



Second, go to the miter saw and cut the pieces to length, including the post.


With the left over piece of cedar post, cut 4 1” post toppers that will be cleaned and shaped up later.



Take the post to the table saw to re-saw the posts to 3” square. Do this by raising the blade to a little over 1/2” the thickness of the posts, run the post through once, and then flip the piece and run it through again. Do this on two or all sides if you like.


Once you have it 3” square, then take it to the router or sander and ease the edges over to prevent little fingers or your dogs from catching those sharp corners.


Now before you put in the pocket holes, you need to sand the pieces. If you like you can touch up that area later. This is a great tool for the child to use. Make sure you have dust collection set up and if not, place a mask on her. This is sooooooooo important!


Now make you pocket holes using the Kreg Jig and my cabinet will help a great deal. Check out how to make it here:!/Kreg-Jig-Storage-Cabinet/p/46774892/category=11853403
Here is the video for it too:


Next, just take the cleats you cut earlier using the plans and place them at the very bottom making sure they are flush at the bottom on the sides.


Pocket screw your sides to the posts, back-testing them 3/8″ from the outside of the posts.


Taking the post toppers, just round the edges over after they are cut. Since you didn’t resize them to 3” they should be oversized to the 3×3 posts and look perfectly sized for it. Glue and nail them in place.


Once the bottom is cut to size as directed in the plan, just notch the corners to fit around the posts.


Now just add the pillow and your dogs, plus any paint/finish that you want making sure it is pet safe and you are all done! Plus, you did it together!


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and watching my video. A special thank you to PlugFones for sponsoring this video. Check them out @

Hannah and I would like to wish you well and as always be safe in your shop… BOOM!!!


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  • Hannah, you and your daddy did a wonderful job making that great dog bed for Brenna and Riley. I love watching your “Little Boomer” episodes. Can’t wait till the next one! We love you, Pawpaw and Mawmaw. PS: Drew, the bloopers were really funny.