Little Boomers – Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Well, here it is. I have been waiting for a long time to release this video. My daughter has been wanting to get in the shop since the Father’s Day Butterfly House. Little Boomers is a new series that shows parents that you can get your kids in the shop SAFELY and still keep it fun.

Now before we did anything, all the safety rules were discussed and I stayed very vigilant while all tools were being used. Now lets get started with Hannah’s handiwork, the wine bottle bird feeder!


Materials for this project are very simple. Just go to the nearest big box store and pick up a 6” plank of pine. Start off going to the miter saw to cut the lengths.


But first, Hannah puts on her hearing and eye protection.


While standing very vigilant over Hannah and making sure her hands are in the correct place.
Stop blocks are used with a clamp to keep kickback to a minimum.


Now the top of the feeder has a 45° point that meets in the middle of the width of the board. Using the Miter saw for Hannah, I cut the point for her.


Now the small parts are for the multilevel tiers that the bottle passes through. We need to drill holes through the pieces in the direct center. So using a straight edge, we draw a line from corner to corner to find center.


Now we take it to the drill press to drill the holes. These holes are different sizes meant for your bottle of choice. In my case, it was a 1 1/4”, 3” and 3 1/4” holes.


We take the 3 1/4” hole board and the only solid board with no hole and glue them together, this creates the feed tray.


Now take the parts to the Kreg pocket screw jig and put pockets in all the smaller pieces on the under or bottom side of them. Using my Pocket Screw Jig Storage Cabinet is a great addition to any shop. Check out the video and plans.


With a little glue and screws, it all starts to come together. The 1 1/4” piece you place it to the height where the bottle opening is at the same height at the top of the feeding tray. The rest is your personal choice.


We go back to the drill press to drill out holes for 1/4” perches for the birds to sit and eat.


All that is left is to sand, paint and enjoy!


Thank you all for checking out Hannah first project video. Like I said, this was 100% her project and she enjoyed it a great deal. Please check out the plans on my website if you want to build one of your own.


Hannah and I would like to wish you well and please be safe in your shops and don’t forget… BOOM!!!