Joint It: How to Make a T-Bridle Joint

Bridle Joints can be done one of two ways, corner joints and T – joints. In this episode demo, I show you how to make the T-Joint using the same methods that I described in my prior Join It episode. You can find it here:


Second, raise the blade up to a height of the width of the stock you are using. Remember to keep your stock to a width that does not exceed max height of your blade.


Next, stand up the stock on end off centered from the blade. Once you make one cut, turn the piece around 180 degrees and make a second cut. Remember, you need to remove any excess between the first two cuts.


Now keep in mind, all joinery has a positive and a negative. If you remove one part from a piece you must remove the opposite on the adjacent piece. With that being said, just raise the blade up to the thickness of one side of the mortise tongues.


Once you have the blade height set you just need to set up the stop blocks to locate where you want the joint to be on the adjacent piece. This process was talked about in detail on my half lap Join It video that can be found here:


You should be able to do a test fit once the cuts are made. Make any adjustments necessary to ensure a nice snug fit. Remember, it is best to under cut the double sided tenon and remove any excess as needed for that perfect fit!


Thank you for watching and reading this instructional blog. This joint will be great for face frames and i’m sure many other uses that you can put your mind to.


Thanks again and I will see you on the next Join It build. BOOM!!!