Join It!!! Make Half Blind Lock Joints

The half-blind lock joints are some of the prettier and strongest looking joints out there. They are like a hybrid cross between a rabbet joint and half-blind dovetails. Since the joint is visible from the top of the drawer, they are much more noticeable than dovetails. I prefer them over dovetails because of their strength and speed of production. No jigs are necessary to make these. Just two outer blades of a dado stack or a flat bottom grind tooth blade and your table saw with an accurate fence. With the help of some setup tools and a miter gauge, you can achieve even better results than what I did in this video.

I will admit that my results here were not the best and it was because of my first initial cut. You will see what I mean in the video. Once that first cut is established, everything else falls into place. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and give this a try in your shop on your next drawer project. Thank you all again for your continued support!

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