Well, the time has finally arrived! I QUIT!!! That’s right, I QUIT my job and now I am going to do woodworking full time! I have been working at this for 15 years now and it is finally upon me.

Well, the time has finally arrived! I QUIT!!! That’s right, I QUIT my job and now I am going to do woodworking full time! I have been working at this for 15 years now and it is finally upon me. I have been so ready for this day. My time has been so monopolized by my full time job it has been ridiculous. Now I will have the time to do what I love. I will be making custom projects for clients and videos from time to time. I have to be selective on what I video and when, as this easily triples my time when it comes to completing a task but I feel like I am up to the challenge. So now that I am all caught up with that, let me get down to the nitty gritty of this new video!

I made a couple of barn doors for a client as part of my new career and I used a joint to make them very strong and resistant to warping while in the client’s home. They wanted a rustic look with rustic nail holes and evident knotting and so I delivered. This was so much fun to do and the clients love the result which is all that matters right!?!


To start with this joint I needed to refer to my tablesaw. I first set up the Beto stack with the two outer blades that side-by-side with no chipper blades in between. This will give me a quarter inch width and the blade is raised 3/8 of an inch from the surface of the saw. The fence is then moved to where the stock is almost in the exact center of the blade. This can be off a little bit because you want to be able to center your cut by flipping your stock end for end.


Now with the blade lowered and the fence moved away, we will begin cutting the tongues. I have put in two chipper blades between the two outer blade which increases the width of my cut so I can dial in the exact depth of the tongue. By making multiple passes, raising the blade little by little with each pass, I will have the exact height and depth set for batch cutting. This easy to make joint on your tablesaw will ensure the pieces will remain as one solid piece congruent across the entire surface instead of separate pieces glued edge to edge.


Check out the video on some awesome head phones that I got from Meze audio! This link will take you straight to them! http://bit.ly/2bocD1F


I also touch on a little bit of a sneak peak on some upcoming tutorials from when I installed my flooring!


Thanks for sticking it out with me and waiting this long to get a new video! I promise I will be around more in the future. MY FUTURE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE DRAMATICALLY! Just keep watching! BOOM!!



  • Good luck in your new career. Hope everything works out. Great to see you back in the shop.


  • Good Luck Boomer! You can do this and we’ll support ya!

    HEY, caught a glimpse of your dog, I think. Looked like a dapple Dachshund, Right? Looked like “it” was helping with the floor.

    Again, Drew, good luck and saw straight dude. . .

    • Thank you Dorald! He was a dapple. We lost him in the fall. He was 11 and my other dog of 13 years died 3 weeks before him. We now have a lab “Jessi” and another dapple and white dachshund/rat terrier that we both adopted. They are great dogs too but we continue to miss our little ones that left us so very early.

    • Thank you so much Bill! I cannot wait to start this huge endeavor. I can’t believe it is finally here.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I believe you are more than capable to make this your career, your work is awesome and after 15 years of experience you will do awesome. Keep rockin it brother.

  • I have a good idea about how difficult your decision must have been and I believe you have the talent to make it work. I wish the best for you and look forward to see what your future holds. Good luck

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