How to Perform Much Needed TLC in Your Shop!

Since every shop needs to remain as clean as possible, it also needs to have tool TLC because the tools will pay back the favor. So I will take you through my process on how I prep my shop for the upcoming 2nd half of the season, now that I am done with my vacation. Let’s get started!

TLC-Feature Image

Start by removing all tripping hazards and get things up off the floor and on the storage racks/cabinets.


Now I have taken all my bench top tools and blew them off with my air compressor and then I vacuumed up all the dust from the floor.


Using WD-40, scotch bright pad and random orbit sander to clean all my metal surfaces in my shop. All surface rust that has deposited on the tops are now very easy to remove.


Clean all pitch off of your blades and bits with pitch and resin remover.


Dry off all blades and bits, then spray them with a rust inhibitor spray.


To keep the rust at bay you just need to apply paste wax to ensure and clean and slick surface, which is what you need to keep your projects gliding smoothly.


Now you have a nice clean, and well prepared shop for your next project. Thank you for watching/reading this how to blog on how to keep your shop ready for anything.


Please be safe in your shops and remember…………1…………2…………..3…………… BOOM!!!


  • These are some really great tips for all woodworkers. We all find ourselves running in the shop when we have an extra minute to do a project and the shop suffers with all of our “laziness” to clean up when we finish. And we all neglect the tuning up of our equipment. We spend the money and then don’t take care of it. This was a really needed “awakening”. Thanks for your acute eye to detail.

    • Thank you Jim! Sorry for the delay in responding but my time has been super limited and my notifications that I had a comment must have stopped b/c I have a crap ton of comments to reply to. I try to comment back on 100% of my comments but sometimes they get away from me.