How to Make a Rail and Stile Door in Sketch-up with Profiles

In this how-to tutorial, I show you how to make a rail in style door in SketchUp. This can be a little tricky if you want to include all of the profiles like your router bit would make once the door is completed. I use this software a lot in my business and being able to show my client what their door will look like with the profile is a great tool of knowledge to have for your business. In this multipart series, I show you how to make a frame and panel door with all the profiles included.

Later I will show you how to make multiple doors with different sizes after just making one door and copying it. Stay tuned for a great tutorial series on how to make cabinet doors with profiles. Consider helping out the show by purchasing through my Amazon Store or becoming a Patron. (see links below). All proceeds help keep the projects and tutorials coming.

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