How to Make a Full-Size Murphy Bed with Storage Cabinets

In this episode, I show you how to make a full-size Murphy bed with adjustable shelf cabinetry that flanks it. This can be modified for all sizes of beds as the hardware will remain the same. I had a tight deadline for this build so this video may be slightly different than you are used to, so I hope I get my point across adequately. Please comment down below if you liked this video.

Project Links:

Full Size Murphy Bed Plans:!/Full-…

Amazon Store:

Bed Hardware:

Shelf Pin Jig:

Freud Dado Stack:

Fuji 4 Stage Turbine Spray System:

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  • Good day. Enjoyed the Murphy Bed build. It really looks nice. I’m sure the owners were well pleased. I have a question on using your sprayer. I noticed you didn’t have stuff covered in your shop. Is there not over spray?Thanks for taking the time to produce the video. Y’all take care and God bless.