Four Post Dog Bed


These originally started out as a craft show product that I thought would be a great seller, and I was not wrong. It seems people really love to buy things for their pets and these beds are not exception. Not to mention they hold a huge pillow for the dogs to lay on, they are also a surprising light weight project.

These are made out of 90% cedar and 10% 1/4” plywood. The posts are 4×4 square cedar that have attached runners with tongue and groove joinery into the posts. In my later versions, I simplified the process by using pocket screws to attach the runners to the posts. then the headboard I added a second runner with a dog bone to personalize the dog’s name. The posts are then capped off with a decorative cap routered on all four edges. The pillow is supported by 1/4” plywood which makes for a safe a and comfortable sleep for my dogs.

I do plan on making another one of these since my dogs, when they were puppies, chewed up the last one. Yummy!
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