Floor to Ceiling Bathroom Cabinet


This was a custom project requested by a friend of mine. She had moved into a new apartment and did not have any storage in her bathroom. There was a long blank wall and tall ceilings that I had to work with. I built this in a modular fashion so they would be easily transported and installed. The center stile is removable so the cabinet can be disassembled. The cabinet drawers are all inset of the face frame. Each one is beveled for depth. It features a hamper and six other drawers, three small and three large. The entire thing is made of plywood and poplar. I use poplar on painted projects because it accepts paint very, very well.

Per the customers request, storage was of absolute value. Pullout drawers I have found are much better use of storage space than cabinets. I installed a dowel rod for a towel rack in the center. Above is a great use for towel storage. This was a great project for entry-level cabinetry making. I was still in the learning process whenever I made this.

I think it came out very well and I appreciate you viewing my projects. If you have a similar project I would love to see it. Please submit them through my website. Take care be safe in your shops. BOOM!!!


  • I really like the modular approach so that the piece could be taken apart and moved. I can see where, with a few modifications here and there, this could be adapted for shop storage, etc.

    • Yes it could. The top can be used for drill storage easily. Plenty of drawers and even countertop space. Thank you for the comment