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Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks. This was actually my 11th year anniversary being married to my wonderful wife April. So as you can imagine there has been quite a few things going on that has taken up quite a bit of our time. So let’s get into it.

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Just recently she went on a business trip to New Orleans which left Hannah and myself home alone for the first time in a long time. So because of this, and with Mother’s Day and our anniversary fast approaching, I decided to do something special for her and surprise her. Now with this decision made, what else to do but procrastinate two days out of the four that she was gone to start the project (LOL)!

She has been wanting to redo our bathroom for some time, so I decided to strip everything out of the bathroom that I possibly could and begin the painting process of the colors that I thought that she wanted. I was flying by the seat of my pants since I did not know the exact colors but I didn’t know her vision. With the paint colors in hand and a full night ahead of me, I began painting. I ran this into the second day and literally finished one and a half hours before she arrived back home! I think it turned out great and really brought a cheerful feeling to our bathroom. I also added daylight bulbs throughout so now it’s a place we love to go.

Custom Work Everywhere - Bathroom Before 1
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Custom Work Everywhere - Bathroom Before 4
Custom Work Everywhere - Bathroom After 1
Custom Work Everywhere - Bathroom After 2
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I have also been working on some future plans for projects in the shop. I started laying out my radial arm and sliding compound miter saw station plans out into a more organized fashion.

Custom Work Everywhere - Plan Layout

I also needed to upgrade my mic system because of some really bad feedback I was getting from my existing mics. I decided to splurge a little bit and upgrade to a two channel mic system that allows me to run to transponders at the same time through the same receiver. I guess we will soon see how well they work.

Custom Work Everywhere - New Mics

I really need to get out in the shop and do a little bit of cleaning after doing the bathroom upgrade. I have a little horizontal surface syndrome going on here.

Custom Work Everywhere - Shop Mess

Home Depot was actually doing a Ryobi day which allowed customers to pick up Riley products in a pretty significant discount. I decided to take advantage of it myself and pick up some batteries (2 for 1), a second 40V Battery for my weedeater, an 18V supercharger which accepts six batteries at one time and will also charge or USB attachment, and ever-charge dust buster.

Custom Work Everywhere - Ryobi Haul 1
Custom Work Everywhere - Ryobi Haul 2
Custom Work Everywhere - Ryobi Haul 3

I also had the pleasure of meeting a fantastic knife maker who take his valuable, limited time to make me a custom knife. If you guys have the opportunity to check out Teague Knives out of Blanchard, Oklahoma you won’t be disappointed ( He even took the time to put my logo directly on the blade.

Custom Work Everywhere - Teague Knife 1
Custom Work Everywhere - Teague Knife 2
Custom Work Everywhere - Teague Knife 3

Lastly, we decided to fix up the backyard a little bit and spoil ourselves by buying something for our anniversary which would benefit everyone in the family. We took the time to hang Hannah’s wine bottle birdfeeder on the fence.

Custom Work Everywhere - Hannah's Birdfeeder

We also decided to purchase an inflatable hot tub from Coleman, called the lazy spa. One thing that we had a problem with was its location. I had some hot tub platforms that helped the base of the hot tub be as level as possible and distribute the weight as much as it can. However, I needed a place to put my pool pumps and ionization chamber temporarily while allowing us to have a place to stand when we are getting in and out of both pools. So we decided to use some brick pavers we already had on hand which saved us a ton and it looks great too. Time flew by thanks to the help of my 18V Ryobi speaker system that runs off Bluetooth technology to my cell phone. You guys need to check these out too.

Custom Work Everywhere - Ryobi Speakers

This patio is going to be temporary, but it also inspired my wife’s first ever blog that you will find on my website. Check her out, show her some love and throw her some comments!

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Thank you guys so much for taking the time to check out my first blog of 2017 and I hope you will check back another time to see new additions to the shop and website. Remember to always be safe in your shops and I will talk to you next time. BOOM!!!