Window decals are a great way to begin your way towards advertising your business and with the use of the Silhouette Vinyl Cutting Machine, it makes quick and easy work of such a daunting and sometimes expensive project if done by a professional.

Since my brother’s birthday was this weekend, I decided to help him get his business, Leader Creek Customs, off the ground with some quick advertising for his ride. (FYI: I have done a full in depth tutorial on this project several months back: Just click this link for more:

We first begin by setting up the Silhouette Portrait cutter with the vinyl selection of our choosing. In this case, it is red since that is the colors of my brothers business.


Using the black line as a guide, we can line up our vinyl to feed into the cutter.


Now, open up the software and set it up in the same fashion as my prior video. If your logo is too big for the cutting area, you can tile it in such a way that will allow you to get the whole logo in two passes and then you can splice them together. Great info here as well for setup:


Now just let the cutter go to town.


Once the cutting action is complete, you can begin by removing the excess or unwanted vinyl to reveal your cut logo.


These two passes create the entire logo.


Now to transfer your image, you will need some transfer paper. This is a transparent paper with an adhesive back that you place over your logo for easy application. Just ensure that the bubbles are kept to a minimum and also straight line application will help when applying.


Once you find your ideal placement, begin applying your logo, making sure you keep the bubbles out. Do this by starting from the top and working your way down the sticker using a squeegee or a smoothing tool of some kind. Then burnish the sticker before removing the paper.


Do this on the other side of the vehicle if applicable, and in this case it was.


Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my brothers channel: Leader Creek Customs for some great content in the very near future.


Now, enjoy your new logo! BOOM!!!


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