DIY: Butterfly House Blog


This was a project that I have wanted to do for a long time. Passing on knowledge to my daughter is an ultimate goal. My wife has been sending me pins left and right through Pinterest and one of them being this butterfly house. I liked this most of all for a Father/Daughter project, so Hannah and I set out to do this in a very DIY setting. This means that anyone with limited tools can do this project. So let us begin……

First start by cutting all the pieces down to size. I used pine for the substrate of the house. 1/2” plywood was used for the roof along with shims for the roof.


Using a straight edge and measurements, layout the lines for the roof. Also layout the lines for the slits for the butterflies to enter.


Now, using a router with a 1/2” straight cutting bit, with the help of stop blocks, make the slits for the entries. If you don’t have a router, use a jig saw. Drill two 1/2” holes at either end of the layout lines. Then, connect the holes with the jig saw.


After that, make a onetime use taper jig to cut the angles of the roof on the front and back pieces. You should have pieces that register on the back and side that keep the piece in place. You should have your layout lines even with the edge of jig. This will give you repeatable cuts every time.


Now to make the roof. The basis of this roof is to be removable from the base. To do this, I installed locator blocks on the plywood aligned with the center line drawn. I also took the scrap cutoffs from the angles I just cut and nipped the tips on the table saw to attach to the roof. These will mate up with each other to join the two pieces of the roof together.


Hannah joined me to finish up here. I cut a short section of 3/8” dowel to cap the roof. It is nailed and glued in place. Then using cabinet shims, attach them in an alternating fashion to resemble a shingle roof.


Now we just assembled the base box with glue, butt joints and nails.


Now just throw on a few colors of your choosing to the roof and base.


Also attach something for the butterflies to land and attach to while in use.


I then attached flashing to shed water onto the roof. This gave me an area to attach vinyl stickers to personalize our house to our taste.


Then all that is left is to attach a turned post to the house and a long rod to insert into the ground. After that, enjoy your work and watch the butterflies come.


Thank you for reading and watching. You are all awesome… BOOM!!!