Baby Crib with Storage


At the time, this had to be probably one of my most ambitious project to date. My daughter was actually due at the beginning of April and I started the crib project in February. I believed I had plenty of time to finish everything up Which is why I procrastinated so much to get it done. I knew that when my wife got pregnant I was wanting to build the baby furniture because I knew I could and I did not want to pay full price for furniture I knew I could make. I took great pains to make sure that this crib was going to be perfect. Since I am big on storage I also wanted to make sure that it could be maximized as much as possible for all of the baby stuff we were going to be getting over the next several months. I came up with a simple design that had crib slats on all four sides with huge storage drawers that reach from one side to the other.  This allowed for a great deal of stuff to be placed underneath the crib.

It is made from all oak ply and hardwood red Oak in three-quarter inch thicknesses. The crib slats were actually re-sawn from three-quarter inch stock to accommodate the quarter inch groove made on the top and bottom of the rail system. All crib slats were hand sanded with 120 grit on up to 220 grit sandpaper on a sanding block.  Once the slats were in place I cut quarter inch spacers to take up the remainder of the grooves to give the illusion that all the slats were mortise and tenon joints.

The base is a dust frame assembly combined with raised panel sides that have stiles extending to the floor that act as feet. This allows for the front to accept the deep, long drawers.  All of the sides were attached with L-brackets and screwed to the base. All of this would be covered by bedding and mattresses so I did not worry about hardware being seen, but also allow the crib to be broken down when no longer needed. I topped everything off with a nice fruit wood stain from Sherwin-Williams then 3 coats of wipe on polyurethane.

I actually finished the crib on time but my changing table console was finished right as my wife went into labor. For more information on the changing table refer to my gallery.

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