Applying Stain has Never Been this EASY

Here is my method on using my HVLP Fuji Spray system (Q4 Platinum) to get 8 barn doors stained in under 30 minutes and that included a color change! I clocked myself spraying a door from start to finish in about 3 minutes. This method can get you not only fast turnover but also minimal use of product. It only took me around 3/4 of a cup of product (around 2 inches deep in the spray cup) to spray 6 doors and then I changed to a new color for the remaining 2 doors. If you have an HVLP, you should really give this a try! WATCH THESE VIDEOS FOR HVLP USE TOO:

How to mix paint for your HVLP with No Mess!

How to spray Pre Cat Lacquer!

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